Membership Policies

Membership Policies

A martial arts dojo is more than a place to take a class; it is a community
of individuals who work together to study and grow. As a community, it is
important that we understand some basic ground rules to ensure that everyone can
train safely, effectively, and enjoyably.

Code of Conduct

At Aikido Kokikai South Everett, we expect everyone, from instructors to new
students, to behave with honor, integrity, and respect. These attributes apply
to our dealings with each other, with guests, and with the dojo space. While it
would be impossible to list the many ways these attributes can manifest
themselves, here are a few guidelines:

  • Be on time for class.
  • Treat your instructors and your peers as you would an honored family member.
  • Keep yourself and your uniform clean.
  • Do not wear any jewelry if at all possible (wedding bands are exempt). The
    dojo is not responsible for any injuries you incur due to wearing
    jewelry. Injuring someone else with a piece of jewelry can be grounds for
    suspension of dojo membership.
  • Join your fellow students and instructors in ensuring the dojo is kept clean
    and orderly.

Again, this is not a comprehensive list. Please use
common sense!

Membership Dues

By joining Aikido Kokikai South Everett, you are joining a community of
like-minded aikido enthusiasts. Your membership dues do not pay for your
classes; they pay to support the community and ensure that we continue to train
in the best and most productive environment possible.

A few key points about our membership dues:

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your membership dues are paid on
    time. A late fee of $20 will be charged if dues are not paid before the
    third of each month.
  • Aikido Kokikai South Everett does not offer refunds on membership
  • We do not do contracts; however, if you choose to terminate or suspend your membership, you must let us know by the 15th of the month. Cancellations made after that time will take effect after the following month.

Equipment Purchases

At this time, we cannot offer refunds for equipment purchases. However, we
can and will assist you in special cases when a different item is required. For
example: if a uniform is not the right size, or if a jo staff arrived warped, we
will assist in resolving this issue.

Other Questions?

Please contact Sensei Ben if you have any additional questions.